Is your phone lagging? Or do you want to boost the performance of Android devices? If yes, then cache cleaning is the trick.

Cache is the temporary files that are stored by Android to make the browsing faster and smooth. But over the time these cache files pile up and cause performance issues. It clutters the internal storage space and affects the speed of Android devices. Thus, it is necessary to brush up your phone and clean the junk files.

You may clean your android phones on your own but doing it regularly can be a bit time consuming and tricky. To ease out the process, Android cleaner is suggested.

Android Phone Cleaner apps are the android apps that identify cache files in your phone and help you to remove them instantly. It is really efficient in deep cleaning and boosts the speed of phones rapidly. But is this possible with any android cleaning app?

No, not every app is good or has effective features to clean junk files and boost your phone’s performance.

After extensive research, in this post, we have gathered the list of apps that are best in Cache cleaning and trending on Play Store. These apps are best android cleaner apps in 2020 and can make your phone perform fast within no minute.

Top 5 Android Cleaner Apps In 2020

1.      Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the best Android cleaning apps of 2020. It scans your device and offers one tap cleaning for clearing out the cache and junk files. Also, the app allows the feature to stop the background apps that are draining the device’s battery and reducing the speed of it. Here are some notable features of the app.

Notable Features of the Advanced Phone Cleaner app: 

  •  Battery Booster to extend battery life of the Smartphone.
  • Tap on Game Booster option to get a smoother and faster gaming experience.
  • Manage Files and folders using File Manager.
  • Clean Duplicate and blur photos and videos to free up space.
  • Uninstall the unused application with backup for future using Application Manager.
  • Clean social media junk files and protect phone from malwares.
  • Manage notifications and cool down CPU temperature using notification manager and CPU Cooler respectively.

2.      Ccleaner

CCleaner is another top android cleaning app that is trending in 2020. It is one stop app where you may remove junk, reclaim space and boost your phone’s performance. The app allows cleaning of app cache; uninstall multiple unwanted apps and clear junk files that are piling up within your device.  Here are the other features that you may like:

Notable Features of Ccleaner app:

  • Speed up your phone by cleaning junk, residue files and cache data.
  • Storage Analyzer to analyze and optimize storage.
  • Free up space by clearing the empty folders and duplicate files.
  • Boost RAM by killing background running tasks.
  • App Hibernation to stop running of apps in the background until you allow it.
  • App Manager to explore unused apps.
  • Monitor CPU usage and temperature.
  • App Stats to find out the overall influence of every app.

3.      DU  Speed Booster

Another great option to clean junk files, boost battery and optimize speed and performances is DU Speed Booster. This app comes with Junk Cleaner, Apps Manager and Battery Saver options like the other apps. The notable features that this app owns are:

Notable Features of DU Speed Booster:

  •  App Lock to safeguard your apps’ privacy.
  •  Transfer apps, games or files using Smart Task Manager.
  • Get notifications for the texts.
  • Find the real time charge status and estimated remaining charge time using battery Saver.

4.      360 Security

Slow phone or external threats like viruses, 360 Security offer a complete cleaning with protection. With its lighter version, you need not bother about installing a large size cleaning app that itself takes up space and reduce the storage. It covers all the features ranging from cleaning your android device to manage the files and folders. Here are some other notable features that you get in it.

Notable Features of 360 Security app:

  •  Antivirus Malware Protection for potential virus and malware threats.
  • Mobile Security and app lock to protect privacy.
  • Speed Booster for all the Android devices.

5.      SD Maid

Like name, the app also occupies a unique place in the android cleaning applications. It offers a collection of tools that may help you to clean your device efficiently and manage installed files and apps. Here are the notable features of the apps.

Notable Features of SD Maid are:

  •  Detect Files of uninstalled apps.
  • Get overview of your device storage.
  • Schedule your widgets or run other tools.
  • Search for files by name, content or date.
  • Remove expendable files and optimize databases.

So, these were the apps that you may rely upon for easy cleaning and good protection of your android device. Install them now and make your phone perform better than before.