A Women Is Using TikTok To Help Shoppers Become Expert Couponers


    The TikTok Queen Katie Swanson has transformed the popular mobile app TikTok into a platform to share her couponing tips. Her short clips on this app are shared to teach people how to actually save money on buying products.

    With over one billion downloads, TikTok has emerged to become of the fasted growing apps for smartphones. Though it was created for people to share their short clips with music in the form of entertainment, many other things are also being shared on it.

    For instance, certain brands have also introduced TikTok marketing strategies. Such a tactic is used by marketers to promote their brand, products and services through this app. Apart from that, people like Swanson have also thought of a better way of using this leading application by sharing something that will benefit her viewers.

    “There is an audience that is super engaged and wanting to learn how to save money,” said Money.com reporter Julia Glum. “I think these TikTok coupon lessons almost are an easy-to-consume way to kind of dip your toe into it.”

    Swanson is a professional couponing expert who has actually managed to save over $8,000 a year. She has been couponing for the past six years and is in no mood to stop. In fact, she decided to share her experience with her followers so that others can also save thousands a year by merely utilizing the best coupon codes.

    There are good reasons to visit online coupon code sites and enjoy paying less.

    Why Shoppers Should Use Coupon Codes

    As we all know that prices of products due to inflation are on the rise. Therefore, it is becoming challenging for consumers to buy everything they desire. However, due to this fact many leading brands are offering exclusive discounts on their products to increase their sales and make their products affordable for their regular customers.

    The significant part about online coupon offers is that you can literally find such discounts on various types of goods and services.

    Increase Your Savings

    Discount codes can be used to get your hands on great deals on clothes, food, electronic products and much more. Apart from that, many offer exclusive deals to users who either subscribe for the newsletter or request for coupon notifications every week. As a couponing expert, you should always keep a close eye on your emails so that you don’t miss out on any limited time good deal.

    Enjoy Free Shipping

    If you order from an online store that is situated in another country, you may have to pay a significant amount of delivery charges. Shipping can turn out to become a pretty expensive service. However, if you can find free shipping coupons online, you can sit back and relax as no extra cash will be required regardless of where you live.

    Save Time

    Instead of waiting for months simply to buy your favorite products on a seasonal sale like Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween and others, you can actually enjoy getting it on a discounted price. All you need is an online voucher code that you can easily find for almost everything you can buy.


    After seeing how our very own couponing master Swanson is promoting the usage of online vouchers and promos, we believe that everyone should give it a try. Even if you manage to save a couple of hundreds a month, or year, it’s definitely worth the try. The plus point is we don’t see any harm in it. It is like win-win for both sellers and buyers.


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