Do you have any idea about the flame retardant and the fire retardants? There can be cases when sudden fire ignition can be seen anywhere and everywhere. The cause can be different, but the result is the burning of the flammable items and spread like no time. The fire retardants are the substance that can be used for the slowdown or stopping the fire to spread. Usually, the chemical reactions are accomplished for the reduction of the flammability. Different types of fire retardants are available and usually, in the powder form, as foams, and in gels. The fire retardant fabrics are also found.

The textiles used as fire retardant are very important in many areas where there are high chances of catching fires. In case of the curtains, the stage drapery, and similar cases, the fire retardant materials are used. The type of materials used in these cases usually follows the standards of Fire Protection Association of the specific area. The more flammable fabrics are treated with fire retardant chemicals for improving the resistance. Certain fabrics are natural flame retardants and so used in the curtains. When the fabrics are treated with the special chemicals they are guided with some specific norms that must be followed during the cleaning of the same. The inherently fire-retardant fabrics have the permanent property as it has been woven into the fabric. Usually, the fabrics used as fire retardant in Melbourne are dry cleaned where the artificial form of treatment is given to the fabric. While treating these fabrics, certain environmental conditions are to be considered so that during cleaning these fabrics, no environmental damages happen. Based on the specific purpose, the specific fabrics either inherent fire retardant or chemically treated ones are used.

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