GMAT opens the gate for dream admission in MBA


Students nowadays aim and dream to go outside India to study in the masters of management. To get admission the students have to appear in the test called GMAT. This test is a computer-based test undertaken with the motive of assessing the writing and quantitative skills of the students. GMAT coaching in Hyderabad has one of the best coaching centers that help the students to achieve their goals. The test requires great command over the grammar and proper knowledge of the subject of mathematics to succeed. There is also checking the problem-solving skill of the candidates. It can be taken up 5 times in a year and the attempts should not exceed 8 times. There must be 16 days of the gap between the attempts.

The exam is divided into 4 parts the reasoning skills, logical skills, writing, and verbal skills. The candidates are given 3 hours and 7 minutes to complete the test. It takes 30 minutes each for writing and reasoning part and 62 minutes for quantitative and 65 minutes for the verbal part. The format is multiple choices and is a computer-based test. They are given the most difficult questions in the beginning. As the questions increase the difficulty level also increases. In case of candidate does not perform well the level of the questions decreases. So the student should have thorough knowledge about the concepts. Let’s have a look at the 4 parts of the exam.

  • The writing part: the people are to write essays in this part. There is a dual rating, one is given by the computer and others by the people from the council who take the test. This is rated on a scale of 0-6. 
  • The reasoning part: these are done in multiple-choice formats. These scores range from 1-8. This is an exclusive section as compared to all the other sections.
  • The quant part: there are 2 types of questions in this- problem-solving and data sufficiency. The candidates are not allowed to use calculators. They can do the calculations on the laminated sheet given to them for this purpose. Scores for this section range from 0-60. 
  • The verbal part: this includes reasoning, reading comprehensions and sentence completions. The candidates have to select from the 5 options. Usually, the scores range from 0-60.

The applicants must take professional guidance and support from the institutes that provide GMAT Coaching in Hyderabad. They can also use the sample papers and the reference books for this purpose. Apart from this, the students have to make their concepts very clear as cramming here will not be useful. Neither of the portions of the exam should be taken lightly. As a result of all the portions will help to make up a good score. And a good score here will open the doors to the dream business schools aboard where students not only will study the advance techniques but will also get the opportunities that they always dreamed about. for chasing the dreams of studying abroad the students need to work hard.


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