4 Mistakes Students Frequently Overlook While Writing Assignments

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When it comes to editing and proofreading process, most students frequently reach out to the online paper checker tools. This could be because they’re pressed against time, or they don’t have enough clarity on the grammatical conventions.

Now, even if you use some kind of software to carry out thorough paper checks, it’s still crucial to learn the process of proofreading or editing so you can avoid the common grammatical mistakes. Some of those mistakes are listed down below.

Mistake #1: Subject-Verb Disagreement

While writing a sentence, the subject and verb need to agree with each other. Singular subjects should be represented with singular verbs, and plural verbs should be included after a plural subject. This is something that the online academic writers always recommend students when they order essay from them.

Take this sentence, for example, the efforts of the little girl to reach the cookie were in vain.

Many students make the mistake of including was instead of were, assuming that the subject here is the little girl. However, the subject actually is the efforts. And you must figure it out before reaching for the paper checker tools online

Mistake #2: Inaccurate Use of Commas

Commas are the most diverse punctuation marks which come with multiple uses. Now, the more number of ways they can be used, the more number of errors can be made. One misplaced comma can alter the meaning of a sentence completely. If you’re confused about commas, you can order essays from online writing services.

Comma rules, like adding commas to set off interrupting elements, or putting commas between items in a series, and including commas prior to coordinating conjunctions (among others), are there for a reason. Make sure you learn to identify when they are misused on an academic paper before you search for the best paper checker tools to edit and proofread your papers.

Mistake #3: Incorrect Pronoun Use

A common concern for many students is using the pronouns as the subject or the object in a sentence. The subject of a sentence happens to be a person or a thing that performs an action, and the object of a sentence is the person or thing that receives an action. Subject pronouns include the words I, we, and you. Object pronouns include the words you, me, and us.

It may also be tricky for some students to figure out the use of the words ‘who’ or ‘whom’ in a sentence. You must remember that ‘who’ acts as a subject pronoun and ‘whom’ is an object pronoun. The correct usage of these words ultimately depends on whether you’ll include it as the subject or object of the sentence.

Mistake #4: Redundant Words or Phrases

This isn’t specifically a grammatical error, but it does make your assignment come across as less polished. It’s common for students to often use more words than necessary to convey an idea which can be easily summed up in fewer words.

The sentences within your academic papers should be crisp and on point. Doing away with redundant words or phrases will ensure your papers come across more professional and refined.

The editing and proofreading process will be easier when you remember these mistakes.


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