Looking for social media tools that make your life easier? We have compiled 9 interesting tools that will help you to use, analyze, design and grow your social media channels in 2020.

Because for companies, social media often means not only joy, but primarily work. Content research, preparation for Facebook, Buy  Instagram Followers uk  and likes, as well as analyzes give (not at least sometimes) headaches to a few social media managers…

 Social media tool # 1: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a comprehensive program that allows you to manage all social media channels in one place. This means you can create content for multiple networks, react to comments and messages and view analyzes. If you want it to be clear and yet extensive, Hootsuite is the right choice for you. Many agencies and large companies use Hootsuite due to the team functions: Several teams can be set up for a company, the individual members granted rights and tasks. Automated publishing on schedule and extensive evaluation of the postings are also no problem. Particularly helpful: algorithms determine the ideal time for posting contributions, which can then be published via auto-planning.

The most important information about Hootsuite at a glance:

Hootsuite currently has over 10 million users and is the most used social media management program

Supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn  and other social media services

Free freeware version (30 days trial version) with which several social media channels can already be managed

Pro version costs between 25 and 599 euros per month

Also suitable for experts due to the wide range of options

Website and support in Uk

Social media tool # 2: buffer

If you are looking for a tool with which you can plan content in advance and publish it on a scheduled basis, Buffer is the right place for you. In principle, Buffer is the “slimmed down” version of Hootsuite – however, the tool is currently only available in English. However, the operation is simple and intuitive. The reports are also very simple and are limited to the most important key figures. A very practical function is “Re-Buffer this Post”, whereby posts that have not achieved a high reach can be republished with a click. Buffer also offers you an integrated image editing tool “Pablo”with which you can create graphics for your posts super easily. The free version is sufficient for many companies, but if you want to manage the social media channels in a team, you need a paid pro version.

The most important information about Buffer at a glance:

Supports all common social media channels such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn

Free basic version with no time limit

Pro version costs between $ 15 and $ 399 a month

Ideal for beginners ; Tool is particularly intuitive to use

Website and support only in English.


Social media tool # 3: Fanpage Karma

Ideal to observe the competition: This social media tool not only helps you to analyze the key figures of your own Facebook page, but also to keep an eye on the activities of your competitors. Similar to Hootsuite and Buffer, contributions can be planned, posted and reacted to comments via Fanpage Karma. However, the strength of this tool lies in monitoring and analysis. The advantage of Fanpage Karma is that individual functions (e.g. the Monitoring area) can be booked separately and therefore you can decide for yourself where the focus should be on usage.

Overview of Fanpage Karma:

Suitable for beginners and professionals

Supports Facebook fan pages only

Free freeware version (14 days trial version)

Pro version between 99 and 349.90 euros per month

German providers based in Berlin; Website and support in German


Social media tool # 4: Canva

Do you waste a lot of time looking for suitable photos and graphics for your posts and putting everything together with Photoshop (or even Paint) to the right format? And then add the text? With Canva you can create great photo posts in a few minutes: First choose the size of the finished image file and then choose from a large selection of backgrounds, photos, graphics and fonts. You can also upload your own photos. The free version is completely sufficient for almost all purposes. In addition to other premium templates, the Pro version also offers team collaboration; design downloads with a transparent background and preferred support.

The most important things at a glance:

Suitable for both beginners and design professionals

Offers templates for all common social media image sizes ( Facebook post , cover , story , etc.)

Free basic version without time limit with the most important options

Pro version “Canva for Work” for $ 12.95 a month

Website and support only in English , no German version available

No or only limited support for the free version

Social media tool # 5: Pixabay

Not a classic “tool” but a really helpful page: Here you get free pictures for your projects! Photos are currently being published there under the “Creative Commons Zero” license. Simply enter a search term and Pixabay offers you a variety of files that you can download.

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