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Odour in the private parts is common, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It varies from woman to woman, and each one has a unique smell. Without the hint of infection, it smells musky for most and is quite common. A healthy odour is supposed to turn on your partner and make you feel quite sexy. It even helps you to select the right partner with the correct biological set-up that should lead to the birth of healthy children. The sense of smell, in fact, varies during the menstruation cycle and is quite sensitive prior to the onset of the cycle rather than during it.
• Don’t be shy
Most women find it a little embarrassing to speak to doctors about it, but if you are healthy, there is no need to hide it or worry about it. There is no reason to keep it clean because the body has its own way of keeping this organ free from bacteria. The secretions that are produced keep it nice and fresh. However, you can always use a mild soap and water while bathing to clean the area. Washing it using soap or shampoo every day is not a great idea. The smell may become unusually fishy if it is infected and there is a bacterial growth. It can be treated if you get it checked by a qualified gynaecologist. Try to avoid products that change the PH level in your vagina.
• Allow air to flow
A mild smell may be noticed when you have your periods, but you can notice it while taking a shower or changing your napkin. Menstrual blood in itself has no smell, but when it comes, it gets exposed to air it turns smelly. Changing the napkins regularly and taking showers can reduce it to an extent. You can also get sanitary napkins that are designed to lock the odour and keep you feeling fresh. Your undergarments can change the way you smell. Using synthetic ones can cause bacterial growth because they don’t allow the moisture to escape keeping the area moist for longer hours. Cotton lingerie allows proper air flow. Ideally sleeping without your undergarments is a good way of letting the air keep the area dry.
• Tackling it during pregnancy
Odours can be reduced if you use panty liners because they lock away moisture and prevent body odour. Scented ones are also available which enhance the feeling of freshness. If you are menstruating, it is always advisable to carry an extra set of panties. The vaginal odours sometimes get stronger when you are pregnant because vaginal secretions are highest in those months. A lot of hormonal changes also take place during this time and is considered quite normal. Sometimes it is also a sign of yeast infection which again happens a lot during this time. However, if you have itching or a burning sensation, then it is best to consult a doctor.
• Hygiene is the key
The best way of dealing with the problem is to prevent it from beginning at all. Maintaining hygiene is the first and foremost thing to do. Feminine hygiene products, plain water, soap and undergarments free from harsh detergents should keep you safe. Observe your body and figure out what cloth materials irritate the skin and avoid them to keep itch and smell at bay. A word for the adventurous: using any sweet things like sweets, honey, ice-cream, and chocolate during sex may make you prone to yeast infection which can lead to infections and odour.

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