Himachal Pradesh is a place full of adventures, there are a lot of places and adventures one can do whether they are treks, rafting, bungee jumping, sightseeing, cable car, etc.

One of these adventures is the Kasol – Kheerganga Trek. The trek is one of the most popular treks in India.


A small village nestled in the hills of  Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is the most popular spot among hippies, backpackers, trekkers and nature lovers. The nearby village is Malana ( which is famous for Malana Cream) and the place is deep-rooted in Hippie culture. Kasol is a hub for Psy parties and every year attracts a lot of tourists all across the World. The place is calm and quiet and will give you vibes of OM Shanti!


The small village lies at the end of the Parvati Valley and offers hot springs. Numerous waterfalls, hot springs, snow-capped peaks, and all-around lush green forests. Parvati Kund or hot spring pool is very famous among the Hindus and Sikh people as they believe the water has sacred healing properties.

Kheerganga offers amazing views of the Parvati River and the snow-covered Lahaul Spiti Valley.

The Amazing Kasol- Kheerganga Trek

The Parvati Valley gives stunning and captivating views of the Himalayas. The trek will start from Kasol. This 13 km long trek from Kasol to Kheerganga provides you ample opportunities to explore the natural bounties of the region. On this adventure trail, you will pass by Rudranag, which is a serpent-shaped waterfall. These kinds of numerous splendid waterfalls are the highlights of the Kheerganga Trek. 

The trek is considered as the best trek for beginners. It is a short and easy trek. 

The trek will take you to the dense forests of rheodordans, oaks, and pines. You will be passing by village Barshaini – a small hamlet and the confluence of the rivers Parvati and Tosh. You will be treated by the majestic sights of nature. Snowclad mountains, breathtaking views, scenic landscapes of skies and mountains all this is enough you to give a reason to do this trek. 

A few villages will come in between the trek:

  1. Malana

A small village near Kasol famous for Malana cream ( a drug). The place is quiet and calm, people here the followers of Lord Shiva. You will also start the Chandrakeni Trek from here, Malana is a village for more backpackers and nature lovers and less for tourists.

  1. Tosh

It is located at 2,400 meters in elevation on a hill near Kasol in Parvati Valley. The place is famous for waterfalls and all surrounded by Apple Orchards. You will see wooden architecture all over the village and captivating views of Parvati valley. Tosh village is located close to the base of Kheergange. 

  1. Pulga 

A small Hamlet in the trail near Malana is a beautiful place to look around and experience the great views of lush greenery, snowclad view of the peaks and skies landscapes.

After reaching Kheerganga, it is time to take a dive into the hot waters of the Parvati Kund. enjoy the hot springs and relax your sore muscles after the tiring trek, and enjoy ravishing views of the valley all around.

You will so many local restaurants and cafes in small villages. Most of the crowd in Kasol is the Israeli. Restaurants serve German, Chinese and Israeli cuisines. You can also have some tea coffee and snacks on tiny tea stalls. 

Camping will add charm to your trek. Stay in tents near Riverside and get close to nature by seeing the beautiful sunrises and starry nights. You can also opt for homestays and get a chance to explore the life of locals, their culture.

The best time to visit Kasol – Kheerganga is totally depended on the preference of the trekkers. In summers, the weather remains pleasant and calm. In Winters, the weather stays chilly due to heavy snowfalls. Most of the trekkers do this trek in Winters. The place looks like a paradise for backpackers. Kasol is famous for rave and Psy parties, the place attracts a lot of Indians and foreigners. They come here to explore the Hippie culture.

You can take a direct bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. And you can directly reach Kasol from Delhi by taking a 15-hour long drive. From Bhuntar, you can either take a cab or Bus to reach Kasol. You can also reach Kasol by taking a train from Delhi to Joginder Nagar, the nearest railway station to Kasol. From Joginder Nagar, you can take a bus or cab to Kasol.     

Here are some basic tips for beginners who are planning to do this adventure.

  • Beginners are advised to take a trek leader along with the trek. 
  • Keep a route map with you.
  •  Always keep something to eat with you like chocolates, chikki, energy bars, etc.
  • Follow the instructions of your trek leader. 
  • Carry minimum weight. 
  • Take necessary medicines or a medical kit with you. 
  • Keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • Inform your family in prior advance.

Kasol Kheerganga is just a weekend away. Plan your next trip in the mountains and feel peace all around. Beginners make your first trekking adventure memorable. 

Live. Travel. Explore!