These days eco-friendly gifts are popular and you must be in a dilemma of what can you get them this year, you can always get them many gifts and maybe gift them a plant. If they are far from you then you can also get them a Flower Delivery in Noida.

It good to think about the environment as well as these traditional gifts are the gifts which are bound to be non-biodegradable and when they break you are just going to throw them away which will be a major problem for the environment and with this, there will be many couples who are bound to do that, this will just be the same with the many other couples and this will create a huge heap of the garbage which will just be not biodegradable and will harm the environment. 

The ecofriendly gifts are just a little hard to find and this leads to the gift not being found in time but here to make it all easier for you and to congratulate you on the anniversary  you can always choose eco-friendly gifts and the list is as follows:


Now if you are looking for a reusable straw the first thing that comes to your mind is steel but the steel straw has its complications, the steel is bound to be a good conductor of heat and this will result in the fingers of the person being heated up as well when they are drinking some beverages, the steel will also chip the teeth off if they are doing something at that time. You can always opt for the silicon straw as these straws will be reusable and they will not chip your teeth, these straws are the best alternatives for a reusable straw these are biodegradable as well. 


If they love drinking coffee then you would not want to miss this one as this is something that they will love, the habit of ordering the coffee from their favourite coffee shop so this time don’t make them ask for a cup as it is just going to be thrown away in the dustbin, instead of that you can always opt for the cup and get it poured in the reusable coffee cup this will just be a better way to save on a lot of things. 


The plants are another perfect gift, why go for a bouquet when you can let your love grow together by gifting them a plant, you can go for any flower that they like and just get the potted plant to them, if you don’t know about it then you can choose the rose plant or the carnation, let them be a plant parent and make them realise how beautiful the nature is to just bestow us with such masterpieces. If they are new plant parents then you can also go for the succulents or the plants which do not require much attention, you can always approach the best Florist in Indore to know about these plants. 


The name itself suggests how it draws power from the sun to work, you can always gift them this as it will not use the electricity to charge the phone but the sun and it is also an easy way to save on your electricity as well, if you think that these are not portable then you are wrong, you can always carry them around with you and there are times when we cannot find a port to plug our charger in and this makes everything perfect for your significant other. 


If your significant other is a travel enthusiast then these bags are perfect for them to if they are stuck at work these gifts will always help them out as you can opt to store many food items and these are oven friendly as well. you can always go for these bags rather than using the aluminium, plastic or any other thing, they are durable and are biodegradable as well. 


You can always send some seeds with the card that you are sending to them, this will be another perfect gift for them. you can always make aa a handmade card for the anniversary and just surprise them with the seeds again the paper is biodegradable so it is of no problem and then you can also watch your love grow with the plant growth as well. 

You can always approach bloomsvilla for the beautiful collection of flowers that are there and choose from them and when combined with the gifts above they will make a great combination, make sure to surprise them with the cake and flowers. you can always opt for the midnight delivery or the same day delivery and surprise them with the surprise.