The GHD Hair Dryer Appliances


HH Dyson excels in all areas of the market for high quality and affordable hairdryers, and GHD Hair Dryer are no exception. This is a pure British design, that is both comfortable and practical, for use at home or in the office. And the quality remains unparalleled with any other brand of corded hairdryers on the market.

The cordless versions are available with a choice of speed controls, and the standard models come with a choice of three speeds. The new electric versions have an electronic control panel and an adjustable dry time setting, but there is also a wet speed setting that can be switched on and off as per your needs.

The corded units are lightweight and portable, so they can be carried around easily. The electric models fit in the palm of your hand and can be stored in a bag or in a compact travel case.

Features of GHD Hair Dryers

Other features include a clear dial and interchangeable mains plug, which makes it easy to change the machine between sockets, and so is easier to use for new customers. The push button controls make use of one hand easy, so you do not need to lift the unit to use it. And there is no need to switch between your hands to use the power on and off switch.

In addition, the GHD Hair Dryer come with a 12 month warranty that is valid both when the purchase is made and on installation. It is well worth having a check, to ensure that there are no faults, and your warranty will continue even if the unit is taken out for repairs.

The special features of the GHD Hair Dryer include thermostatic controls that help you regulate the temperature to suit your needs, while the ionisation setting stops hair from going static when the temperature is low. It also offers the automatic shut off feature, meaning that there is no messy disposal of the cord.

The cordless versions of the GHD Hair Dryer allow you to adjust the amount of heat you want. One temperature at a time is more than enough to remove a full head of hair without being noticed. The entire head can be shaved in minutes, without causing damage to the skin.

Models of GHD Hair Dryers

The GHD Hair Dryer models are also especially suitable for use in bathrooms and even in bedrooms. Because they can be moved around, there is no need to fuss about sharing an electrical socket with a plugged in cordless hairdryer.

The GHD Hair Dryer models come with a lifetime guarantee, so that you know that you can count on them for many years. No matter what the size of your family, you can be assured that there will always be enough of the system to keep you fully occupied.

The GHD Hair Dryer models are available with up to a five-year warranty, which means that they will last for a long time. With a guarantee like this, it’s no wonder that they are a favourite with consumers.

They are particularly suited to use in the home, and the GHD Hair Dryer offers variable speeds that will allow you to choose the perfect speed for your needs. This is ideal for people who have several jobs, and are always on the go.

When you buy the GHD Hair Dryer, you can feel confident that you are getting value for money. You can feel confident that the GHD Hair Dryer have a good reputation in the industry, and you can feel confident that you have a quality product.


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