Jodhpur or “Blue City” is one of the most popular tourist cities in India. It is located in the very center of the Thar Desert, which has greatly affected its life, culture and rhythm of life. Temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius are not uncommon here, and everyone who wants to visit the beauty of the city should take this fact into account.

  The city is in the middle of the Thar Desert. Tourists come here to see countless fortr , temples and palaces. There are many sunny days throughout the year, so Jodhpur is called the “City of the Sun”. Since many houses are painted blue, its other name is “Blue City”. On the southeastern border of the settlement, the often dry Dzhojari River flows.

What to see in Jodhpur

Umeid Bhawan Palace

Huge palace, made of marble, sandstone cream and pink. Many architects and historians believe this is the standard of luxury for Indian rulers. There are 374 rooms in the palace! Luxurious reception room, a swimming pool, eight restaurants, a ballroom and entertainment room and so on. The most interesting thing is that Umeid Singh, the great grandson of Umeid Bhawan, who is great, great and more, lives in part of the palace today, while the other part of the building is a stylish hotel.

Fort Mehrangarh

This fortress was built in the 15th century and sits on a rock. When you visit it, you can view all the surroundings of the city and see for yourself that it is truly blue. The architecture of the bastion is truly unique because there is no similar solution anywhere in the world. What is shocking is the beautiful decorations carved with stone carvings that cover all the walls of the building. Explore Jodhpur by train.

Jaswant Thada

Cenotaph memorial Monument Necropolis, built to commemorate Archduke Jaswant Singh II. Exquisite white marble structure. At present, it is the burial place of all the rulers of the city and the outstanding figures of the country.

Bazaar Sardar

For some reason, in most city guides, this place is not like a tourist attraction. But I think this is the real highlight of this city! The bazaar is located in the center of the clock tower. It is huge, just like Jodhpur.


The area is 9 km from Jodhpur. Here you can see many architectural monuments. In the Mandala Park, a two-room government museum has been opened: the Hall of Heroes where various objects are found in the area, and the 33 shrines with Hindu deities.

Lake Balsamand

It was created manually in 1159. In ancient times, it was used as a reservoir in Mando City, and today, it has become a popular place for recreation and picnics.

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The best time to visit Jodhpur is winter. The temperature during the day rarely rises above 27 degrees, but in summer, it is still very hot and has a great impact on the desert. If you are here in the summer and accumulate water, there must be some problems in the city.