Why You Should Switch To Contact Lenses From Eye Glasses


It is never easy trying to switch from glasses to contact lenses. You will always have a lot of insecurities about wearing contact lenses or not. After all, it is never easy to straight away put something in your eye.

So it is understandable if you are insecure about contact lenses. Most of the people stick with their eyeglasses and pass on the opportunity to avail the benefits of contact lenses.

But contact lenses have its own benefits and with using them for some time will help you getting used to them. And once you get used to them, there are a number of benefits of using contact lenses

Contact Lenses vs Glasses

The debate of contact lenses and glasses is a never-ending one. You can start the argument and it will never end. It is like cats vs dogs. That is because both have their own benefits and both have certain aspects that trump the other one. However, contact lenses are a more modern alternative to glasses and while there may be some negatives about them.

But there are more misconceptions about contact lenses among the masses than they have the right information about them. People fear things that are not true when actually they are more comfortable and very safe to use.

Still, if you are wondering whether they are the thing for you or not then we have crafted a list of benefits of contact lenses that you should know about. And maybe it will make you want to switch to contact lenses.

  1. Contact Lenses are great for athletes.

For people who are more active than most people, such as professional athletes and sportsmen. Unlike glasses contact lenses do not move here and there and as a sportsman, you need to move your head more regularly. With glasses, your vision is restricted till the frame and to use the complete vision you would be required to move your head. With contact lenses the vision is not restricted in any way, you will have a complete vision with contact lenses.

And with sports such as swimming or cricket, contact lenses are a better option. You wouldn’t need to take them off and keep using them without any restriction.

  1. Clearer vision.

Like mentioned above your contact lenses give you a more clear vision. They sit on your eye and provide you with a wider field of vision. Unlike your glasses, your contact lenses will not get any scratches or reduce in quality. Because if they do you would need to change them.

  1. You can change your eye colour with contact lenses

With glasses, there isn’t much you can do with the fashion side. All you can do is get a more attractive pair of glasses. With contact lenses, you have many more options for enhancing your eye colour and beautifying your appearance.

There are coloured contact lenses available on the market through which you can change the colour of your eyes and make them more attractive. There are different types of coloured contact lenses available. All you have to do is find the coloured lenses that blend in with your eye colour and your skin tone.

  1. You don’t have to compromise on style

With glasses, you are required to incorporate them properly with your style. Like, whatever you do make them work with your facial makeup. There is just no getting away from that.

With contact lenses, you don’t have to compromise on your style and facial makeup. Actually, with coloured contact lenses such as blue contact lenses you can add to your makeup and style. Choose the right coloured contact lenses and look more bold and beautiful with them.

  1. Comfortable to wear

Long before contact lenses were quite uncomfortable to wear for the users. The material was hard and very inconvenient.

Now with such advancement in technology, the contact lenses are made with light material, silicone hydrogel, that is very comfortable on the eyes. And the rigid gas permeable contact lenses also have more water content that allows more provision of oxygen. So these contact lenses are very comfortable to wear on the eyes.

  1. Life is just easier

These contact lenses are just easier for everyday use. You don’t have to worry about your daily chores. You wouldn’t need to put off your glasses to do anything. Wearing contact lenses you wouldn’t even know that you are wearing anything on your eyes. And once you are done with your day, you can take off your contact lenses and put them in their case safely.

The use of daily disposable contact lenses are very comfortable to wear and you can dispose of them after day use. So these contact lenses are a great alternative to your glasses. They make life much easier.