If you are planning to visit China, it can be great fun. Apart from other beauties, it also has a huge variety of foods for you. You will encounter a number of tasty, delicious foods in the country. But you don’t always know what is inside that beautiful looking recipe? Sometimes its ingredients may shock you. China is a country which is famous for bringing different animals, insects and reptiles into their plates. It is common for the Chinese people but for people from other parts of the world, feeding on such food can be a hellish experience. You will find a number of yummy licious foods on the streets of China but before you eat them, it is important for you to know the ingredients. There are few foods whose ingredients if you know after eating, can force you to vomit. So today we are going to discuss about 6 evil foods you must avoid in Beijing- the capital of China. Read this blog/article carefully in order to make your trip a happy trip and gather some positive memories. You can get great discount on ticket booking online using Ticket Goose coupons.

1- Fried Scorpion
So the first item on our list is fried monstrous- Scorpions.  I bet you are scared of this beast. So just imagine you are taking it and putting it in your mouth and chewing and swallowing it. If it does not make you scared, then you might go for this. These are not bad in taste. They taste like crunchy potato chips. These scorpions are fried after removing their stings and are dipped in vinegar. It is healthy and contains a good amount of proteins and one more reason why you can go for it is that it is believed in China that feeding on the tail of scorpions can help you to make your manhood stronger! But avoid this if your heart says no to it.

2- Stink Bugs
Scorpion is fine up to some extent, but think of feeding on Bugs. Stink bugs are one of the most evil foods to be avoided in Beijing. They are stinky and smell so bad before being cooked that you can even vomit while you are standing meters away from these burgs. These bugs in their defense secret chemical which can leave a long lasting smell and also make your hand yellowish. So while cooking, people use gloves to cover their palms. If you are not a Chinese, then I will suggest you to never have this kind of evil food.

3-Scarab Beetle
You all have seen beetles in your house or maybe near the trees in the gardens, but have you ever thought of eating them? Yes, people in Beijing do eat them with great fun. Deep fried in soya oil,after adding some local spices,  these beetles becomes a delicious food for Chinese. But as an outsider, I will ask you to give a big NO to it.

4-Hornet’s Larvae
This is another evil food from Beijing. It is a wasp specie whose larva is a famous Chinese street food. Just think of eating giant larvae- isn’t it enough for you to avoid this evil food? When you chew it, it suddenly bursts and a tasteless creamy fluid present inside the larvae  fills up your mouth and it’s even late enough for you to spit it out. So never go for this kind of food.

5-Century Eggs
Take an egg and keep it somewhere for a few months and then have it! It is actually what Century Egg is all about. Preserved in clay with quicklime and wood ash salt for months, these duck eggs is then eaten on special occasions like festivals. The colour of the outer shell becomes black and the yolk turns into green in colour. A very foul smell comes out this and you should avoid this when you are in Beijing. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.


People are finding solutions to kill Domestic crickets which can be easily spotted in the corners of your house but, Chinese have a better option. They feed on them. It is one of the very common street foods in Beijing. The fried cricket dipped in vinegar, is served with different soya sauce and Chinese eat them with great taste. But for those people, especially girls who jump and scream around the whole house by just even getting a view of a cockroach, should never try these disgusting insects.

So we discussed some of the evil foods to be avoided in Beijing. There are many more. So first research well about the ingredients of what you are eating. Just by knowing about these few evil foods, don’t cancel your trip to China. Hope you found this helpful.


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