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9 Things You Need to Know Before Developing A Mobile App

The number of mobile applications has gone through the roof in the past couple of years and the competition in the market hasn’t ever been so ruthless. There are more than 5 billion mobile users in the world currently who use over 1.5 million apps each on two of the biggest platforms known to us – The Google Play store and The Apple app store.

The demand for both mobile devices and mobile apps is on a continuous upward trajectory and here are some things you need to do and ensure before developing an app.

  1. Market Research – Before launching an app you need to conclusive market research to make sure that you are headed in the right direction. You need to analyze the market comprehensively that you will give you a great deal of insights about your competitors along with their strengths and weaknesses.

The information will come in very handy as you can learn from the mistakes of your competitors and not make the make mistakes they made. Customer reviews are often ignored by researchers and you should instruct your research team to be better than that.

  1. The right language – Choosing the language is also a very critical aspect and you need to make sure that you choose a language which is native for all platforms.

It is Java by default for Android and iOS by default for Swift. There are also some hybrid languages that you can consider but you are advised to not use anything unless you are sure that your product will be useful and productive.

  1. Understanding the users – This is a basic necessity that you need to take care of before developing an app. It is very important that you know the need of your customers as the success of your app is dependent on it.

You need to understand the needs of your targeted clientele and then offer them apps that can solve their problems by offering solutions and adding value. If you are able to get feedback from your customer base, it is further going to help your cause as you will get a lot of favorable opinions from the customers. Align the objectives of the demands of your users and then there would be nothing that would be able to stop your app.

  1. Choose the correct company – The idea might be yours but it needs to be implemented by an iOS development company at the end of the day for it to be successful. The app development companies have a very significant role in making your problem and ensuring that it remains efficient.

You need to do your own research before choosing a company best suited for your interests and it can include reading their case studies, contacting companies they have previously worked with and checking all the technologies used.

The company you eventually go with should have a decent knowledge of designing that is able to provide the best user experience for you.

  1. Marketing strategy – You need to get the marketing right and create a definitive buzz about the app before its launch because it is really important to get a response of some sort at the time of the launch.

You also need to ensure that you market your app at more or less the same time. Most app developers fail to execute marketing plans with utmost efficiency.

Technically, they should start being marketed at least 203 weeks before the launch just so that the users know that something is about to come and the company is able to build positive buzz around the app.

  1. Get the description right – Anyone who is going to check your app for the very first time on Google play or iTunes App Store, is going to look at the description for a while or so. People who are not sure what the app is about and what does it may make up their mind of downloading or not downloading the app by reading the description.

There are only 2-3 lines of description that are allowed on Google Play Store and Apple App store. It is important enough to make the first 2-3 lines catchy enough to convert your app users into potential customers.

  1. Plan your Budget – There are no free lunches in life and just like everything the app is also going to cost you a lot of money. You need to fix a budget at the very beginning and allocate it very properly at very stage. You need to appoint someone who can ensure that you are honest to your budget till the end of the project and never at any point go overboard with it.
  2. Get the pricing right – Pricing is a very challenging aspect which just cannot be ignored. Pricing is very important and you need to get it right at all costs.

Determine the price of an article is easy, but picking the price of a mobile app is very difficult and tricky. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before a developer can consider determining the right price of an application.

  1. No multi-platform traps – Developing a platform-independent application is all about making sure that your product is good on both the platforms, which are iOS and Android.

If you can’t facilitate the flexibility, you won’t be successful, it is as simple as that. If you or your hired team, can’t make that happen, then you should focus on creating different apps for different platforms.

It is also a decent idea to expand the product that you have from one platform to another and avoid creating the same app on other operating software.

Final Thoughts

The world of mobile apps is marked by ruthless competition. Different surveys give different data and you can be rest assured that most apps will be used only once, and never again.

That’s why you should consider some basic aspects when developing your mobile app and all of them have been mentioned above for you to go through them and make a better judgement for yourself at the end of the day.


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