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A Brief New Boiler Installation Guide 2020 for London Homes

Boilers are energy-efficient gadgets that can heat up both your home and water. As far as the UK is concerned, boilers use a burner, which is fired by gas as the heating source. Newer versions of the device are fired by electric, oil and biomass to create steam or heat water. The cost of a brand new boiler in London ranges between £500 and £2,500 and depends on the size and type you choose.

Qualified gas engineers providing the service of boiler installation in London mention that presently electric combi boilers are the most popular variety as it is environment-friendly and does not release any gas into the atmosphere. Moreover, this range of boilers is ideal for homes that have limited space for an oil tank. Most electric combi boilers easily fit into laundry or kitchen cupboards.

New boiler price

The price of a brand new boiler depends upon certain factors like the following:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Performance and
  • Brand

New, high-performance boilers are obviously costly but at the same time they are also more energy-efficient. Moreover, they come with longer lifespan and needs minimal maintenance. Last but nevertheless the least, they save your hard-earned money in the long run.

Therefore, from investment perspective it is always profitable to buy high-performance variety of the device at premium price.

New boiler installation

The average cost of new boiler installation ranges between £500 and £1,500. The cost varies based on whether you’re installing the same type of boiler as the existing one or switching over to a completely different type.

Furthermore, the installation cost varies depending on factors like:

  • The design of your home
  • Whether the new boiler is being fitted at the same location or elsewhere

When you’re installing the new device at a different position or bought an upgraded version, you may have to incur an additional installation cost to re-structure the pipes.

UK government grants in new boiler installation

In the last few years, the UK government has taken initiatives to minimise their carbon footprint by decreasing energy consumption. As a result government grants are available to eligible citizens to buy more efficient boilers and help them lead a more sustainable life. The cost of installing new boilers comes down sufficiently with these grants.

Energy Company Obligation or ECO

Experienced service-providers for electric boiler installation in London add that the Government of UK has launched a unique programme in form of ECO to reduce both carbon emission and fuel poverty across the country. The programme is aimed to improve the boiler efficiency and at the same time cut down the cost of heating across low-income homes.

ECO offers free boiler replacements to homeowners, who fulfil certain criteria. However, your boiler must be 5 years old at least to qualify for the grant.

Choosing a new and suitable boiler

Choosing a new boiler is never easy. You have to consider a number of factors to zero in on a suitable boiler for your home. The factors include capacity, size, brand, fuel type, water pressure and temperature. Here are your options:

  • Combi boilers: These are very popular in the UK. This variety of the gadget is reputed for efficiency and compactness as it draws water straight from the mains. You can easily fit it in a cupboard and run it either on gas or electric.
  • Condensing boiler: This new range of boilers is highly efficient and preheats cold water by using waste heat in flue gases. Government doles on this range of boilers are quite high.
  • Conventional boilers: These are suitable for larger homes as they come in two cylinders – one cylinder heats the water while the other stores water for usage. This variety of the home-improvement device maintains an excellent water pressure even when many taps are open at the same time.
  • Biomass boilers: This variety of the device is highly environment-friendly as well as incurs low running cost to heat your home. It produces heat by burning wood – in form of logs, chips and pellets. It also saves a lot of fuel consumption on a yearly basis, thus keeping your cost of running the device low. Thus, biomass boilers are said to be a highly profitable investment for the long-term.
  • Electric boilers: This range of boilers is highly energy-efficient as well as environment-friendly. They can run with almost cent percent efficiency unlike the other varieties.
  • System boiler: Somewhat like a combi boiler, it heats water directly from the main lines and is ideal for smaller homes. Moreover, it stores hot water in a storage tank and provides more than one outlet for the hot water. Thus, you can access the hot water through multiple taps across the home at a steady pressure.

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