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Alcatraz And Segway, San Francisco’s Biggest Tourist Attractions

Alcatraz, over several years ago, was amongst the most dreaded prisons, and because of that nobody had an intention to go there. But times have changed now, and presently Alcatraz Island is amongst the most prominent attractions when visiting San Francisco. Now, pretty much every individual put Alcatraz on their ‘must-visit’ list at the time of visiting San Francisco for the first time.

In order to make your travel exciting and full of fun, Alcatraz Island has to offer everything. Area spreading over 22 acres has to offer such a significant number of activities. You can also find top-notch accommodations in San Francisco with such a significant number of excellent restaurants, hotels, guest houses, resorts, and more, and the city is full of numerous stunning attractions and places to stay.

You can explore several of the notable attractions of this island, and this will make your sightseeing an excellent experience. The notable attractions include ‘Abandoned Prison’ and the ‘Lighthouse’ on the west coast of the US. Moreover, Military fortifications are additionally very prevalent amongst other places.

Explore History of Alcatraz Island

It’s essential to get familiar with the history of Alcatraz. Alcatraz was intended to hold the most famous criminals, opened in 1934. Over its several years of operation, the prison captured robbers and killers, including Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud, amongst several others.

Ways to Get Alcatraz Island

The ferry operated by Alcatraz Cruises will take you to the destination. On the other hand, other operators could offer travels that cruise around The Rock.’

One of These Ways Could Take You to Pier 33:

  • Reliant upon the place you’re staying, you can walk there.
  • By means of a cab, in case you’re staying in the city.
  • By means of the F Street Car line from Market Road.
  • You can drive (however, you need to keep in mind that there is no parking, so you’ll need to pay to park at a close-by lot.)

Tour All Aboard

You can take a ferry ride to Alcatraz Island, which will just take around 20 minutes, the ride will be full of amazing sights. In the event that you need a prominent spot, the recommended way is to arrive early for your departure time. The deck is ideal for taking photographs; however, it fills quickly.

Explore the Rock

Getting to Alcatraz is a genuinely simple procedure. You just need to attend a quick briefing, and after that, you’re allowed to proceed towards the hill towards the prison entrance. In the event that you need help, you can avail of a shuttle service that is accessible there.

As soon as you’re in prison, you’ll get a self-guided audio tour, which is accessible in 10 diverse languages. As soon as the audio part is completed, you are allowed to walk around the island, which offers you the following features:

  • Rockpools and seabird colonies
  • Remains of the Warden’s House
  • The oldest functioning lighthouse
  • Recreation Yard
  • Gardens
  • Officers’ Club

Prominent Reasons to Pick the Segway For Touring Based on The Fact That

  • Perhaps you have never gotten an opportunity to ride a Segway, and it’s an absolutely incredibly simple, fun activity.
  • In the event that you got an opportunity to tour Segway, you would want to do it again for sure.
  • Alcatraz and Segway tour will give you everything: the experience to explore the history along with the tour through the city.
  • You can discover the city by means of a fastest, productive, fascinating methods.
  • It’s a life-changing experience.
  • Other than tourists, the place is for local people as well to discover their city.
  • The place is for anybody, without being sportive.
  • It’s incredibly fascinating as, over the activity, you have several opportunities to discover and find out about the city as you get to see the historical spots, monuments and gain lots of knowledge in addition to getting the stories about the city which you can’t find out in a guidebook.
  • The Alcatraz and Segway tour offers an incredible opportunity to meet new individuals. You can do it yourself or by joining a group. In any case, great time is guaranteed.
  • It’s likewise an extraordinary idea for a family to find and lots of activities. Your children will adore it. It’s an extraordinary yet excessively imaginative experience.


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