G shock or baby g, which one is better?


Casio is a well-known brand along with other brands at the best online watch store. However, the most important of the Casio sub-brands are the Casio G shock and Casio baby G. The former is for men, mostly the signature style of military men, construction workers and others. It is the most robust of all watch categories and is able to withstand harshest of the conditions.

The baby G watches on sale, on the other hand, are designed specifically for women and also some designs for kids. Baby G watches are not as sturdy as the G shock because of the feminine designs of the watches. Moreover, women do not usually perform hard tasks as men do in normal life. But do not think baby G watches are delicate, these are just as durable on the wrist of a female as the G shock watch is on the wrist of a male.

The difference On the basis of Size

The G shock watches have often big dials, large straps and few colour options. Casio kept in mind the likes and dislikes of men while manufacturing G shock. Most watches are heavy and bulky yet they look great on a man’s wrist and can show the ambitions of a person. The G shock complements a man’s personality.

Whereas, baby G watches are designed while keeping in mind the preferences and priorities of women. Therefore, the baby G watches are comparatively much lighter as compared to their male counterparts. Likewise, baby G watches have smaller face, and small cozy straps to fit the slim wrists of women. The design and colours are versatile and have a feminine touch to them.

Design and appearance

The baby G watches comes in variety of design and colour options such as blue, green, red, pink etc. and you can match your watch with any attire you own. However, in the case of G shock, you only have black watch to wear with all of your dresses.

Similarly, the designs are also different. The face, for example, is larger and wider for men. However, baby G watches, typically have small-faced watches with the baby G logo that adds to the elegance of the watch. The variation is deliberately created, not just to differentiate the two brands but also to complement the body, attire and the personality of the person wearing it.

Durability and other features

Both of the brands are equally resistance to shocks and wear and tear. Although, G shock watches are sturdier as compared to the baby G yet the small size of baby G has advantage and can be more robust than the G shock. G shock watches are made to resist water up to 200m depth, however the baby G are water proof up to 100m depth.


The Casio G shock watches although having more followers come with a lower price tag as compared with a baby G watch. Assessment can be made by analyzing the cheapest model of both brands. The cheapest model in the case of baby G is 40 GBP while G shock’s cheapest model is priced at 30 GBP.