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Lead Generation Process | B2B Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation

Marketers are always involved in the process of generating leads. All their efforts are aimed at obtaining qualified leads. Lead Generation is all about identifying prospects and converting them into your customers. It is defined as the process of inducing consumer interest among your prospective clients. There are myriad number of leads that the marketers make a run for and some of them are: Sales Qualified Leads, Market Qualified Leads, Product Qualified Leads and Service Qualified Leads.

The process of Lead Generation benefits businesses in myriad ways. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Increases traffic towards your website
  • Helps establish contact with right customers
  • Provides customer insights
  • Enhances CRM
  • Shortens sales cycle
  • Aids your content marketing efforts

Lead Generation Process

The journey of a lead from being an alien to becoming an advocate is rather a long one. It involves a series of methodologies. The entire process has been dissected in simple steps below:

  1. Alien: Is a stranger who is unaware of your products and services
  2. Visitor: The stranger, who is lured to visit your website
  3. Lead: A prospect, in whom the consumer interest is induced
  4. Client: Is a lead who buys your product or service
  5. Advocate: A client, who speaks positively about your service or product

Lead Generation Strategies

Marketers employ several tricks and tactics to generate leads. Some of the smart ways that have been proved to be successful are:

  1. Invest in both inbound and outbound marketing: pay equal attention to both, inbound and outbound marketing methodologies.
  2. Be technologically sound: Keep a tab on the latest technologies embraced by the market. Ensure you are updated, as well.
  3. Take the FAQ route: Make sure that you engage with your clients directly by answering their frequently asked questions!
  4. Answer quora questions: Giving genuine information for customers’ questions on quora is one of the best lead generation methods.
  5. Strengthen your content team: Good content is what drives more traffic towards your website. So, ensure you pay enough attention to it.
  6. Launch Email campaigns: Plan and execute email campaigns and other similar tricks like the ABM.
  7. Guest Blogging: Invite people to write for your blog and vice versa.
  8. Indulge in referral marketing: Offer discounts and perks for clients who refer your products and services to others.
  9. Incorporate a chatbot: Ensure your website has an easy-to-use chatbot.
  10. Socialize with social media marketing: This is an era of social media marketing. There are several websites through which you can engage with your prospects.

Facebook: With over 3.23 billion active monthly users, it’s an ideal platform to connect with your prospects.

LinkedIn: According to a latest survey, there are over 630 million users on LinkedIn.

Twitter: Over 326 million people use Twitter every day.

Instagram: There are nearly 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram.

While the above were some of the sure shot ways of lead generation, there is more to discuss. Want to know better? Then, get in touch with DataCaptive right away!


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