Prepare E-File Tax Form 1099 in QuickBooks Accounting Software: Complete Guide


Unbiased contractors are individuals who carry out impartial trade, enterprise, and many others. To offer offerings to the general public. Whilst the user pays at least one supplier/ contractor extra than $600 in 12 months, then you’ll need to e-document 1099 MISC forms to IRS. Concurrently, you need to present copies to contractors in order that those may be used to document their tax returns.

The person can entire 1099-MISC filings via QuickBooks on-line in few clean steps. Intuit 1099 e-report service is any other correct option to complete that paperwork. The user can put together the 1099s in QuickBooks after which file paperwork with the 1099 E-report provider, else print and mail bureaucracy to IRS and the contractors.

 In this article, we are able to have a look at and discover ways to prepare shape 1099, E-file 1099 shape, which bills are protected /excluded, etc.

Preparing 1099 in QuickBooks

The first pass within the method is to put together 1099 paperwork in QuickBooks. That is a must whether you’re looking to E-record, print, or mail 1099s. Carry out the underneath steps.

  • First, navigate to the ‘people’ choice and choose ‘Contractors.’ (alternatively, you may visit fees >> carriers)
  • Next, click put together 1099s
  • Press on ‘allow’s get ’
  • Make sure the info is correct- these are a person’s enterprise name, address, & Tax id.
  • Now, mark the packing containers that reflect the type of bills made to contractors this year. Now pick out ‘price account’ wherein the person could be capable of music payments and press ‘’
  • Make sure all ‘Contractors’ are there, and their information is correct.
  • Click on next
  • Now, evaluation ‘payment equipment’ for every field. The excluded bills are usually those paid via credit score card that is then issued to IRS through the credit score card company
  • Click ‘entire getting ready ’
  • Click on ‘Navigate to 1099 E-file provider to e-document 1099.’

E-document 1099 bureaucracy:

E-submitting can be effortlessly finished with intuit e-document providers in three easy steps.

Step1- Fill 1099 forms

  • First import the form
  • Then automobile-fill with the Intuit payroll

Step2- provide contractor paperwork

  • Make 1099 bureaucracy for the Contractors
  • E-mail/Print Contractor copies
  • Now download for data.

You could additionally touch QuickBooks guide quantity to complete the method, and at the side of E-submitting you may avail the below services:

Step 3- E-report with the IRS

  • Now file 1099 form on-line. (you may do this even at the closing date day)
  • Quality mail could be sent to contractors containing the mail copies.
  • Confident submission of contractor copies well inside the timeline
  • Contractors get their replica through mail within the following week.

What form of payments to be blanketed/ excluded?

If the contractor charge changed into made via credit card, gift card, debit card or 0.33-birthday celebration community, as an instance, PayPal then the consumer needs to exclude the one’s amounts from 1099 form.

The IRS wishes these amounts for price settlement agencies.

In case the person requires to edit the contractor fee, then carry out the underneath steps:

  • Test accurate packing containers/classes are selected and thoroughly suit with QuickBooks accounts to tune bills.
  • Make certain that list suggests right tax yr and dealer type ( as consistent with the 1099 requirement)
  • Observe any payments which can be there inside the Excluded typically, these are credit score card bills that are made to the seller, and the credit card employer will document these.
  • In case the user calls for to add/ edit a vendor price then navigate returned to a fee in QuickBooks after which make the adjustments. As soon as entire, then come back and entire finishing 1099s paperwork.

In Bottom Line

Thank you for reading this text. Submitting the E-document tax shape 1099 is a critical component of tax submitting and maintaining accounts up to date. The above given are a few essential elements of it. If you have any questions or doubts, you may speak to a technical expert at QuickBooks error support.


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