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Road Trip Insurance To Protect You During Travel In India

From the beaches of Goa to mountains and beyond in Leh Ladakh, tourists have choices of travel to different types of locations. It comes as no surprise that more and more tourists are planning road trips to avail holidays at such locations. These tour plans provide the additional advantage of being short, crucially fitting into extended weekends and sudden plans.

With Himalayas in the North offering numerous locales like Kasol and Manali, the East offers destinations like Gangtok, Shillong, and even jungle terrains like Kumayun or Dooars. Even Nilgiri Hills and spice gardens around it offer numerous interesting road trip options. 

Vital point to keep in mind, with intriguing and adventurous terrains comes a few obvious risks. From natural disasters to mechanical breakdowns, numerous types of crisis can suddenly come up.

Consequently, it is safe to have a road trip insurance plan in place in case any such emergency comes up. These insurance policies not only offer financial assistance to the insured but even provide a few hands-on aids. 

These provide the underneath features to its customers –

  • Roadside assistance: Insurance providers with policies that cover road trips ensure ready assistance in case of any breakdown or accident. The drive of adventure on such trips can be hampered any moment with a sudden mechanical failure or an unfortunate accident. With a road trip insurance policy, NBFCs offer their assistance at any hour of the day across 700 locations in India.
  • Emergency travel and hotel assistance: With the possibility of accidents and breakdowns, obvious need for assistance in travel and accommodation comes up. Insurance providers offer financial assistance under these circumstances to cover all such expenses.

While usually Rs. 50,000 is offered in immediate assistance if such an incident occurs in India, for incidents occurring abroad, the road trip insurance sum goes up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

  • Blocking credit and debit cards: In case of loss of credit and debit cards, it is imperative that all these are blocked immediately, consequently preventing any incident of malpractice. Insurance providers offer to block all such cards with a single phone call.

Furthermore, Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Wallet Cover provided by Bajaj Finserv do not just aid in blocking misplaced cards but also assists in applying for lost government-issued cards like PAN card.

  • Medical and allied covers: Accidents often lead to physical injuries, which require medical assistance. Depending on the mishap, treatment costs can go high up with immediate disbursement of the money a major concern. Financial service providers with road trip insurance policies offer large sums as financial assistance, which can even go up to Rs. 3 Lakh.
  • Fuel reimbursement: Incidents of being lost and stranded with no fuel are one of the most common road trip adventures. As much as it is thrilling to imagine the scenario, real occurrence of such a situation can be very dire. Consequently, these cover policies provide the cost of 5 litres of petrol for four wheelers and 2 litres for two wheelers.

With numerous dream destinations for road trips in the country, more and more adventure-seekers are getting on the road with years. Especially for ambitious individuals opting for rough and challenging destinations, there are even specific cover plans. Like the Leh-Ladakh Road Trip Cover, there are numerous insurance policies catering to especially famous or challenging journey spots.

Individuals desiring for a care-free time, embarking on a journey should consider having such financial cover policies in place. With any insurance for road trip, individuals can travel with mental peace. Conveniently, insurance aggregators offer insurance plans which cater to all sorts of emergencies that one might face during his or her travels.


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