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Tips for Planning Corporate Christmas Party

The holiday season is imminent; the time to chant ‘Jingle Bells’, adorning homes, throwing parties and giving Christmas presents. Soon you are going to welcome Santa Claus. The festive season means fun time and you will be waiting for an approval from your boss to throw Christmas party in the office. However, arranging office Christmas party is no real fun. From arranging food to deciding a location, everything is very challenging.

While it is great fun to enjoy with your colleagues, an opportunity to know each other, it can turn out to be a great bizarre if your planning goes amiss. You will bear in mind the budget while deciding the location, decoration and food and drinks. Before you take the plunge, you need to set a budget and will have to make sure that you make all arrangements within the budget. In case, your budget falls short, Christmas loans are an ideal option. Here are some useful tips for planning the office Christmas party.

Decide the location of your party

You can hold the Christmas party either in your office or at a different venue. Your decision depends on your budget and the number of people attending the party. Office space will be fine as long as you have a small staff and your workplace building has enough room to gather the entire staff. However, you need to book a venue if your staff is big and your office does not have enough room to gather party. When you book a venue, you will have to decide catering and entertainment. This deal can be expensive if you have limited budget. Another best way is arranging lunch for whole of your staff in a restaurant. Though it is not a party itself, it can leave everyone in the festive spirit.

Fix date for the Christmas party

Fixing a date for the Christmas party seems to be very tough job. Whether your staff is a small group of people or a large group of people, getting everyone to pin down to a fixed date seems to be a herculean task. The best trick is to pick a few dates that work for you and the venue you have chosen for throwing the party. Ask your staff to choose a date and then finalise it. Make sure that you can book the venue before you announce the date for the party. Of course, you will never want to announce the date just to find that the venue is no longer available.

Decoration and party theme

If you are throwing party in your office, you will have to take care of decoration and music. You can also set a theme for your party, for instance, red and white, fire and ice, and the like. Once you have picked the theme, get ready to buy decoration stuff.

Food and beverages

This is a big task to do. Make sure that you order high-quality food. If you are throwing party in your office, you need to place an order. However, your responsibility does not end here. You will have to find out if any member of your staff is vegetarian, vegan, allergy sufferers. Make sure that you have options for them too. However, you job will be easier if party is out of your office because they will give you a menu. You just have to pick what you want.

Do not forget to arrange beverages. It is up to you whether you want to serve alcohol or not. If you do so, the rule of thumb says that two drinks per guest for the first hour and then one drink per hour is fine. You do not need to take headache about the taste because people are generally less fussy about their drinking choice especially when it is free. Also, serve non-alcoholic drinks for the staff that does not consume alcohol. If you are serving alcoholic drinks to your staff, make sure that they will not forget professionalism and sophistication.

Look for entertainment options

If you are organising the Christmas party in your office, you will have to look for some entertainment options apart from music. Your employees will have some activities to do in the party. You can have a lot of games including group games to add fun.

The bottom line

Whether you want to throw Christmas party in your office or a venue, you will have to consider your budget. If you are falling short of cash, you can take out Christmas loans for bad credit. You can get them at reduced interest rates near Christmas.


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