Two Common Defects that are Frequently Found in Eyelash Boxes

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Study shows that it takes buyers no more than seven seconds to form an opinion about a product. Imagine if there is a crucial error on your retail lash boxes, or the brand name is misspelled. Will it leave a good first impression? Absolutely not.

It’s crucial to catch the defects in your eyelash boxes before shipping them out to ensure your products not only reach their final destination in time but also make an excellent first impression. But the question arises what issues should you look for while inspecting the custom eyelash boxes. Let’s take a look at the two defects that are frequently found in lash boxes during the inspection.

Incorrect Shipping Markings and Barcodes 

Indeed, there are specific requirements for labeling your lash packaging with appropriate barcodes and markings. From warehouse staff to shipping companies and retail stores, all of them use the information to update their record and keep track of the stock. Failing to print these details on your custom eyelash boxes would not only cause problems for warehouse staff and shipping companies but also make store owners vary of your products.

Shipping marks and labels are critical for your supplies. It’s something you need to cater upfront or way before the mass production of your eyelash box packaging. These labels are perhaps more important than your own markings. More importantly, adhere to the labeling requirements that are already specified at your own warehouse.

These marks are generally printed directly on the eyelash boxes. But keep in mind some issues with the markings and barcodes are classified as critical defects. It means they can be serious enough to reject the order or failing to meet inspection criteria. Many stores ask their suppliers to change the packaging for the entire order if they find a single critical error.  

Incorrect Eyelash Box Packaging Method

Imagine you are a ceramic bowl manufacturer, and you have to consistently ship your products to different parts of the country, including the Amazon warehouse. One day you receive a phone call from the retail store owner or distribution contact that your bowls are cracked. Upon inquiry, you find out that the bowls got damaged during transit because your workers didn’t pack them correctly in the packages.

This example reflects the significance of correctly packaging your goods. If your team fails to handle your false eyelashes with care and pack them by ignoring your requirements, your damages and returns costs will only soar over the course. But it doesn’t solely depend on how your staff packages your products. You also need to consider the fragile factor. Though it can slightly increase your freight and packaging materials cost, the protective packaging material will keep your eyelashes safe from external harm and pressure.  

There are several issues to consider when it comes to incorrect eyelash boxes, including: 

  • Wrong packaging assortment.
  • Inadequate protection.
  • Leveraging poor packaging material.
  • Using the wrong size.

All these packaging blunders make your eyelashes vulnerable and dramatically increases the probability of getting damaged.

Summing Up

All the above-mentioned issues are generally classified as critical defects, especially if you are following international standards. These defects pave the way for customer returns that often sprung from poor pre-shipment inspection. And it is usually found in products that are shipped in high quantities. The Uk Time.

The thickness of the boxes is another common issue that can be found in eyelash boxes during the inspection. Other issues like incorrect assortment can also affect your inventory or make it a hassle to sell an item if it lacks a critical component.