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Why Is Parental Monitoring Important? | Top 5 Reasons

Children are always excited to explore the untapped resources in cyberspace. Lucrative games, applications, and websites tempt kids to spend more time, and gradually, they become addicted. Thus, child monitoring app is essential for teen’s digital safety.  

Talking to your children about cybersafety, encouraging online etiquettes, and building digital resilience is essential, but parental controls are the first step to protect children from the perils of the web world.

Here is a quick parental guide to safeguarding your child from online threats. So stay tuned with us.

What Is Parental Control Software?

Parental control is an application that allows parents to monitor and restrict a child’s internet use. It is a great way to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content, managing time schedules, watching teen’s whereabouts, and much more.

Child monitoring helps to navigate the digital world safely. Let us check the importance and reasons for having the kid’s tracker app.

Why Is Parental Control Software A Requisite?

  • Screen time control is necessary:

Most of the children nowadays are internet addicts. Once they own a smartphone, they get engrossed in the digital space and neglect their studies and real-life relationships. 

However, excessive screen time hinders a child’s growth in many ways that include:

  • Certain health problems like fatigue, dry and red eyes, depression, anxiety, lack of physical movement, sedentary lifestyle lead to obesity, suicidal thoughts, and many more.
  • It creates attention deficiency that hampers a child’s concentration power and thus they may lag behind in academic and other tasks’ performance.
  • Children are more vulnerable to digital threats being online for prolonged or wee hours.

Thus, the screen time control app is inevitable for kids’ online safety. The application allows setting curfew hours on multiple apps that children use.

  • The commute should be safe:

Tracking teen’s location is desirable because accidents and crime rates (child abduction) has increased. Using parental control software, parents can keep a close watch on teens driving behavior.

As and when a child steps out of the house, GPS enabled application follows their whereabouts and notifies you the entry and exit of their Geofence location.

Good parental control application like Bit Guardian Parental Control offers Speed Limit feature to check teens driving speed. It also allows you to set the speed limit, and in case they breach the predefined pace, you will receive an alert on your phone.

  • Internet is not as safe as you think:

You may be aware of cyber threats like predators, online scams, cyberbullies, phishing and many more that have penetrated the digital world rapidly. 

Online content has questionable information like pornography sites, gambling and dating apps, violent photos and videos, self-harm or suicidal information, etc. 

Kids are not mature enough to bifurcate the suitable digital material; instead, they can get influenced by rotten apples. They may not be able to identify impersonates or cyber crooks and indulge in cybercriminal activities.

Thus, to secure kids from web risks, child monitoring app comes in rescue.

It helps to block harmful and malicious content on a child’s device so they can access appropriate material and stay safe from the perils of various digital platforms.

  • Online reputation matters:

Children share different photos, videos, and alike posts on social media accounts. But are they aware of privacy policies and online stalkers?

If not, then, educate kids and make them understand about the existence of pseudo persons who can misuse their post and humiliate them on social media platforms.

So it is advisable to be the part of your child’s online accounts and check what sort of posts they like, share, and comment. Examine whether they accept unknown friend’s requests or what kind of privacy settings have they made.

Make sure children are not abused, and if they find any unusual movement, they must approach and share it with you first.

  • Monitoring and controlling  kid’s online tasks are undeniable:

Today’s hyper-connected kids are technospeak and easily outsmart their parents. Unrestricted use of the internet can put them in trouble and ruin their life. Here’s where kid’s safety app comes in picture.

The application enables parents to scrutinize and restrict adolescents’ web activities. Distinctive tools of child monitoring software are useful in managing kid’s virtual life.

Let us find out varied functionalities of one of the most popular parental control apps – Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Bit Guardian Parental Control: Z- generation app

This phone monitoring software is developed on the Android platform having a user-friendly interface.

It is useful in keeping tabs on various online activities of children ranging from the content they are viewing till speeding up their vehicles.

It allows you to add an infinite number of kids so you can manage all of their digital tasks simultaneously with a single login.

Check out its multiple tools here:

  • App Blocker: If your kid spends excessive time on unnecessary apps  (social media) or if they use any unsuitable app (dating application), you can immediately block them using this tool.
  • GPS: Now, it’s easy to spot teens’ locations using GPS. You can allow children to enjoy their ride with controlled speed by activating this function.
  • Time Schedule: It allows you to set curfew hours on applications that your child uses. Enabling this tool permits children to focus their attention on other prioritized activities.
  • Anti-Theft: This tool is used to detect the lost or missing phone.
  • Call Blocker: It blocks the unknown, known, and spam callers on the child’s device.
  • Panic and SOS alert: If your child encounters any emergency, pressing one button of SOS can save them from risks. This tool sends an email notification and buzzes a loud siren on your phone.
  • App Install Blocker: When your teen has a bad habit of installing the latest applications, you can curb it using the App Install blocker. This function refrains children from downloading new apps.

So, before any online strangers take a toll on your child’s digital life, install Bit Guardian Parental Control today. This child tracking software ensures the complete digital safety of your kid. 

Download the application and experience its multiple functions in one software.


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